EXO saw my dance cover! [ENG SUB] 130612 | My Station

EXO saw my dance cover! [ENG SUB] 130612

Here is my cover!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUFyMpYgReE

I was watching the live stream of After School Club this morning at 1AM when all of a sudden the hosts said they're going to show fan videos. I sent in my video to the show but never in a million years thought that they would use it! When EXO said they really liked it and when Chen said he wanted to do a dance battle with me I pretty much lost it XD

EXO are my biggest inspirations when it comes to my dream and dance. They really mean the world to me and I owe them so much. They are the group that has had the biggest impact on me and everyday I just grow prouder of them and admire them so much more. My wish was for them to see my cover of "Wolf" because I did it for them. I wanted them to know how proud I am of them through my cover.

I'm just beyond grateful and happy I literally have no words.
I would not still be on YouTube making covers if it weren't for you guys. You guys are the ones who give me so much support when I don't even deserve it. I'm so thankful to each and every one of you. Thank you.

Thank you After School Club, thank you EXO, and thank you to you, reading this.